I have been writing songs since 2012. During that time, I have accumulated approximately 200 songs. 

Writing songs is much like writing poetry, the only exception being, you have a chorus and sometimes a bridge.

Over the years, I had always owned an accoustic guitar, but could never play it. It was always the tuning part that baffled me. 

Then when I started writing songs and putting melody to my songs, I wanted to hear them being played with music.

Whenever I would get together with my musical friends I would present my songs to them asking, if they could help me apply chords to my songs.

Have you ever been happy when friends couldn't find the time to help you?

You see, some of my friends are or were professional singers, not anyone really famous, but professional nonetheless.

They were just always so darn busy, travelling, playing gigs and then involved in community events.

I thought to myself, well, there's only one thing for it, learn how to play the guitar.

After surfing the internet, I found that you could buy an electronic tuner, I thought this was wonderful.

I went to the nearest music store and bought myself a Korg Tuner. It was absolutely wonderful. Now when I strummed my strings, they sounded pretty good.

Again, I went online and looked for some tutorials and videos so that I could learn some chords.

I started learning all the basics, you know, D, G, E, A and some minor chords. Three months later, I was able to play about twenty chords without looking at my sheets or guitar.

You know that old Mister Rogers song, "it's a beautiful day in the neighbourhood." That's how I felt when I knew how to play my guitar. It was a great feeling.

My next step was to learn how to apply those chords to my songs. At that time, it was very challenging. It's still challenging, but in a different way, I just love it.

I am so happy that my friends couldn't help me with my songs. It was a real blessing, because it made me want to learn how to play my guitar.

This is a guitar that I made for hanging cables and chords. I can make it available for purchase at my wood craft site. It is not on my site as yet. Full size guitar with five pegs $120 each
My guitar collection now includes, three electric guitars, one six string accoustic, one twelve string accoustic (which I love), and a classical guitar. Plus a couple of amplifiers. Now I drive my kids crazy. I love it.

What a thrill and a joy, to go down to my music room (and I say this with pride) and just play my songs.

I'm really hoping, that some professional musician will hear my songs and want to play them. The genre ranges from rock, gospel, country and some are in between, meaning, I don't have a clue what they are. Lots of folksy ones though.

I have never seen myself as a singer, though, Like a kid with a new toy. I did make a few YouTube videos of my songs. Here are some links to them.

"Alberta is where we all belong"

"It's 3-O' Clock in the morning"

"Yesterday, today and tomorrow"

"You are the one"

"I have to go"

"My big old Chevy truck"

All my songs tell a story. Most of them are self-explanatory. If you're not sure about "You are the one" just ask me.

I remember a musician once saying, that you should never have to explain what a song is all about, if the song is written properly, the audience should know.

I have been playing now for the past six years, when I started to learn I was 57 years of age. Believe me, if I could do this, so can you. It's just a "mind over matter" kind of thing.

I always believe that we can do anything we put our minds to, so "Just do it."


"Life has no remote, you have to get up and change it yourself."

Sorry for the long introduction, after all, I am a writer.

If you need help creating a song, and if you're stuck with the lyrics, contact me.

Maybe you need a special song for that special occassion.

If you would like to see the titles of some of my other songs, let me know. I have well over two hundred.

A lot of my songs are real life songs, they all tell a story.

I'll give you a few examples:

  • "People come, People go, People die, don't you know, a new baby's born, to carry on, even when you're gone"

  •  "You promised me that you would be my friend, yes you told me, you would be there 'till the end, but I can't get through, no I can't get through"

  •  "Come and put your arms around me Lord, hold me Lord so tight"

  • "I'm hangin' on to Jesus Lord, I'm hangin' on to you, I'm hangin' on to every word I know Lord to be true"

  •  "It was God's amazing love and grace"

  • "Here I am Lord once again, I'm knocking on Heaven's door, here I am once again I'm always looking for more"

  • Staying at home was all I had; I always thought that it stunk
    So I thought I’d take a hike and leave, and I got really drunk
    I was glad to get away from my old man; all he ever did was moan
    I said I can’t handle it anymore; I’m going out on my own

    Here I am in the big bright city under the neon sign
    It tells me now what life’s about that everything will be just fine
    It sends a message to my soul you have to keep pushing on
    I’m sitting under the neon sign not knowing what’s going on
  • My name is Hobo Jo and I’m tryin’ to hitch a ride
    It’s cold and it’s dreary with my bindle by my side
    I’m just a little Hobo and I’m tryin to make my way
    Goin’ here or goin’ there, I jump the train each day

    Here I am a Hobo here I am a Hobo
    Guitar on my shoulder just to sing you a tune
    I sing in the rain and I sing in the sun
    I have to make some money as I’m always on the run
  • It’s Christmas time and we’re far from home the memories flood our mind
    We remember times of long ago friends and family left behind
    The laughs, the gifts, the mistletoe we all had so much fun
    Those years are gone, we’re far from home, and we’re feeling all forlorn

    Hope will bring you home to be with family who are dear
    Hope will kindle hearts just like a loving flame that’s clear
    Hope will push us on through the snow or through the rain
    Hope will keep us together to bring us back, home once again
    Let me know what you need and I'll give you a quote before I start any project.

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